Toast to Tuesday: Working Purple

by Rachel Yeomans | July 5th, 2011   

After a holiday of red, white and blue, I started thinking about colors. Not just holiday colors or traditional colors – but more in general. For example, why do I feel lighter and a bit more carefree when I wear yellow? Or when I wear a black dress to work, where does that sense of power come from? And of course, why does red lipstick seem to instantly make everything seem a better? So today I thought I’d offer another color: Purple. Purple does happen to be my favorite color, however I haven’t worn purple in quite some time. So for a purple outfit for a gorgeous post-holiday sunny day, I went with something simple, elegant, with just enough shine to keep that skip in my step!

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the purse and blazer are so cute, but i think i need this dress. Who makes it?

theworkwardrobe moderator

Absolutely love it! Your comments always make me so happy. :)


Love it. I'm a huge, huge sucker for purple, and I don't really know why. Somehow, it can be stately, powerful, feminine, and light all at once. Can't get enough of it!