What I Wear to Work: The Conference Work Wardrobe

by Rachel Yeomans | December 22nd, 2011   

So this is a first for TheWorkingWardrobe. For the first time, I’m featuring myself in my “What I Wear to Work” series! Well, but not just me. A few weeks ago, my team at Astek and I went to manage social media for the publishing association, SIPA. These pictures were taken at the end of the conference with the lovely Jenny Fukumoto, a fellow marketing manager with a communications company. This first picture is of Jenny, myself, and the Astek community manager, Tim McDonald.I figured we’d show you what we wore for our “conference work wardrobe”!

IMG 20111209 114628 1024x768 What I Wear to Work: The Conference Work Wardrobe

Not only was she wearing an adorable outfit, Jenny was also the lucky winner of a Kindle Fire courtesy of Astek during the conference. Her quote via Twitter: “Holy shit, I just won a Kindle Fire!”. Priceless. Here she is with Astek President, Andy Swindler, holding one of the iconic Astek apples from the conference.

IMG 20111209 114415 768x1024 What I Wear to Work: The Conference Work Wardrobe


Great article! Great outfits! Personally, my favorite conference outfit is a dress - preferably one with enough polyester to keep it from wrinkling in the suitcase. As a friend of mine who does a ton of traveling for her job put it - "I love dresses. They are like adult onesies."


Nice post. I've found that scarves are helpful at conferences. I don't know if it's just the conference circuit in which I travel, but rooms with sessions are always cold while the expo hall can run hot or cold! Black with a colorful scarf does wonders in terms of appearance and temperature control. ;)

theworkwardrobe moderator

@econwriter5 Oh that is such a great point! i always pack a Pashmina with me both for the plane and for the conference itself - those rooms get chilly!