What I Wear to Work: @MeanKrystin

by Rachel Yeomans | July 22nd, 2010   

We are excited to announce that we received our very first Twitter submission for our “What I Wear to Work” series! Here we feature two working looks from @MeanKrystin, who works as a Director of First Impression at a headquarter office for 160 companies. She shared her photos through TwitPic.

1qz53i What I Wear to Work: @MeanKrystin

What we loved the most about this look (besides that it’s an ideal go-to work look with a statement bag) was the tagline, “In honor of #teampencilskirt.” What a fantastic hashtag! We here at TheWorkingWardrobe would absolutely love to be on that team!

1ephqy What I Wear to Work: @MeanKrystin

Here she stated that this is her new favorite dress. We can tell you that based on this image, orange is definitely our new favorite belt color.

Do you want to be a part of our “What I Wear to Work” series? Email a photo, your first name and industry to rachel@theworkingwardrobe.com! OR you can tweet your photo to us here. You can even get all crazy and post it on our Facebook fan page! Whatever medium you so choose, we’d love to see what you wear to work!


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