What I Wear to Work: Jessica

by Rachel Yeomans | July 21st, 2011   

I absolutely love the implication of street style into this working look! Take a white blouse and black pant, and make it fun and chic at the same time! Here is a nod to Jessica, a wardrobe consultant, for this fantastic working look! One thing to take note, make sure your office allows open-toed shoes at work. I’d hate to see this fantastic set of footwear staying at home, but pack them for cocktails after and don some pointy-toed sling-backs to strut during the work day!

Picture 12 What I Wear to Work: Jessica

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I love that necklace!!! I'm always down for a good statement necklace.


Adorable! I shy away from black pants in the summer, but maybe I should lighten up (ha) and give 'em another chance. Especially when it's an adorable capri like Jessica's! Also -- her bag. Drool.

theworkwardrobe moderator

@annedreshfield Haha - 'lighten up' eh? Hehehe. :) But yes, agreed - one of the best summer uses of the black pant I've seen! Love it!