What I Wear to Work: Audrey

by Rachel Yeomans | July 14th, 2011   

This is an absolutely adorable (and oh-so-colorful) working look! I’m happy to introduce you to, Audrey, publisher of style blog, A Lovely Escape. This dress is a nod towards a Mad Men style but with a modern design, which I think helps bridge the generations quite fashionably! Just take note that you should wear a cardigan or cropped blazer and pumps versus open-toed sandals. It all depends on your office; however no matter the dress code, the kick and color of this dress will translate in glowing style!

Picture 81 What I Wear to Work: Audrey

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Adorable silhouette! I love how it's flattering even with a higher neckline. Always a plus for work!

theworkwardrobe moderator

@annedreshfield Thanks for calling out the neckline! Usually subtle but makes a difference in both your presentation AND your comfort!