What I Wear to Work: Andy & Phil

by Rachel Yeomans | November 4th, 2010   

This week’s ‘What I Wear to Work’ photo submission made me laugh hysterically. I have to say, these boys really put forth some effort when posing for the camera! I introduce to you, Andy and Phil, who work in Communications Management for a Fortune 50 company. I love how they thought so hard about their poses that I just had to include all of the pictures for your enjoyment.

Boys11 1024x612 What I Wear to Work: Andy & Phil

Boys31 612x1024 What I Wear to Work: Andy & Phil

Boys2 612x1024 What I Wear to Work: Andy & Phil

And yes, that is a put-put set-up at his desk. Have to say I haven’t seen that accessory displayed as of yet! Thank you both Andy & Phil for having fun with your submission!

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Philip Nowak
Philip Nowak

I’m pretty sure there’s more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking, and I plan on finding out what that is.