Toast to Tuesday: Working the Poncho with Dress-Code-Worthy Style & Panache

by Rachel Yeomans | November 30th, 2010   

I had a work meeting the other weekend with a group of some fantastic bloggers on some exciting collaborations. Big work news aside, one of the women joining our group sauntered into my apartment looking very fashion-forward per usual. She donned adorable skinny jeans, booties, a long-sleeved black textured top, black tuxedo short-sleeved jacket, and…one of the most beautiful ponchos I’ve ever seen. I say this as a previous skeptic of the poncho, and I believe I have just been converted.

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Ponchos for Work by WorkWardrobe featuring a vneck cardigan

After discovering the fabulous cover-up that is the poncho, I quickly set to work on how to add this item to a work ensemble. The poncho is most appropriate as a piece of outerwear (aka don’t wear it in lieu of a blazer) except perhaps when you have a sweater or cardigan poncho. If it’s lined and resembles the make and cut of a coat, then wear it as such. In fact, they’re much easier to don over chunky winter attire than any button-up, plus it gives you a European edge that would leave others drooling (just as I did this past weekend). Take note, if your poncho has fringe, tassles, or pom poms around the neckline, keep that as your weekend-wear and stick with the jacket for the office. Ponchos can take an air of high fashion or can easily look like you want to wear a blanket with a hole cut in the middle for your head – be wary of this difference as there isn’t a lot of middle ground to play with when it comes to the poncho.

Picture 42 Toast to Tuesday: Working the Poncho with Dress Code Worthy Style & PanachePicture 52 Toast to Tuesday: Working the Poncho with Dress Code Worthy Style & Panache

Also, keep the proportions balanced. A dress and poncho may make you look like you’re wearing a set of two bottoms versus a top and a bottom. Stick primarily with slacks and pants or maybe a knee-length pencil skirt with hose (just make sure you can see the skirt beneath the poncho as some ponchos can be quite long).