Toast to Tuesday: Working from Home

by WorkWardrobe | May 25th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Whether you have a career where you work from home or if you are just taking the day off, it is surprising how much of a difference your clothing choice can make on your focus. There are so many distractions when working from home, like the need to start cleaning or to take care of your kids. Trust me, if you are wearing pajamas the likelihood of getting your work done is slim to none.

I am not saying you need to put on a suit and heels in order to work from home. But, if you could trade in your cotton pajama pants for a pair of leggings, you might find yourself a bit more motivated. The rest is simple: Put on a tank top with a long comfy sweater, grab a coffee and you will be set for a very pro-active day!