Toast to Tuesday: Work-Day Inspiration with a Splash of Color

by Rachel Yeomans | August 9th, 2011   

This week’s Toast to Tuesday look is created by our Polyvore group member, Shalysa. The quote alone had me roll my shoulders back and actually sip (not gulp) my coffee before the work commute. I actually read more articles in my morning paper on the train versus just skimming the headlines. My goal after getting to the office, not to let my brain turn off as insinuated by dear Robert Frost below. Not only a morning inspiration, but a challenge to keep up the momentum throughout the workday. Plus I just love the nod to the mod prep school girl in the outfit.

x Toast to Tuesday: Work Day Inspiration with a Splash of Color

Snitching from Kelliebean’s closet by shalysa featuring cuffed shirts