Toast to Tuesday: Welcoming the Sunshine

by Rachel Yeomans | May 10th, 2011   

Yes it’s easy to don the gray/black/neutral combination when it comes to grabbing something to wear to work. But maybe tomorrow morning you should thing about the weather. It’s finally sunny! Why not embrace that sunshine with your wardrobe? For this look, I thought about what I would wear to a brunch on a gorgeous sunny day.

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Spring Workday into Weekend Brunch by WorkWardrobe featuring vintage shoulder bags

I personally adore the yellow dress and have my favorite hanging in my closet good to go for when the mood suits me. However despite the dress being very work appropriate with a mere cardigan thrown over it, I’ve never yet donned it to the office. With a pair of closed-toed nude or floral pumps and a large tan satchel, I believe I can work some sunshine into the spring-time office space!

What would you wear to work in the spring time season?


the bag is so classic! The shoes on the right are my fav! Are they poppies on them?

theworkwardrobe moderator

@gcicero Yeah the shoes are my favorite accent piece with this outfit! And yes, those are indeed poppies! :)