Toast to Tuesday: Timeless

by WorkWardrobe | April 13th, 2010   

By, Jacqueline Rezak

Sometimes when I walk down the crowded streets of Chicago I will notice that there are some women who look absolutely timeless. In other words, there is something about them that automatically makes me think of a design house like Chanel. Be it the brooch on their blazer, the pastels or white on black in their outfits, or the pearls around their neck – something instantly makes me think of classic elegance. Very few women these days go as far as the white gloves; after all how could they text on their iPhone?

Every girl deserves a day when she can feel as though her look is filled with sophistication, femininity, and class, even if she works in an office that resembles something like a wild jungle.  When putting together this timeless outfit, think ruffles, pastels, pearls, grace, posture, and lace. I am lucky enough to have an extremely fashionable and hip grandmother from whom I have learned about class and elegance. She says that simply having confidence and walking with your chin up, your shoulders back, and your chest out, can get you taken seriously, even enough to get that top position you’ve always dreamed out!


How awesome would it be if we did wear white gloves? lol! Love the parasol!