Toast to Tuesday: Taking the Corporate Out of the Briefcase

by Rachel Yeomans | January 26th, 2010   

How many times have you had to schlep the Dell briefcase that came with your office laptop? And did you ever flaunt that briefcase as the pinnacle of fashion around your outfit? I didn’t think so. Briefcases are usually associated with the ‘corporate male’ – well considering the rise of female executives in the workplace, I think it’s high time we change the association of the iconic briefcase.

Here are some options that could take us ladies to the office with just as much strut as with a fantastic pair of croc pumps.

For more neutral tones and browns that would surely clash with a black briefcase, we came across some lovely tan leather and yellow-hued bags that shouts out style and sophistication with just a hint of newsboy thrown in.
One piece of working advice before you replace your complimentary briefcase with a more stylish option. Make sure you still keep your laptop protected in your gorgeous bag by putting it in a laptop sleeve. Plus it gives you another accessory to flaunt.