Toast to Tuesday: Show This Rainy Season Who’s Boss!

by WorkWardrobe | March 23rd, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

We have officially entered the spring season. You know what that means, time to break out those rain boots and umbrellas. To some, rain makes them think of sitting in bed and watching movies; but to others like myself, it makes me think of all of the accessories I get to dig out of the closet.

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Before the work day, usually we don’t want to see the rain coming down prior to our daily commute. Instead of trying to rush through the rain, work it! Pack some dry clothes in a waterproof bag and wear a dress code appropriate for temperate weather. You can change into to your work attire when you arrive at the office. And remember, your colleagues are battling the same storm. Show them how it’s done!
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My favorite pre or post-work rain gear involves a cotton dress with leggings or a work blouse tucked into skinny jeans (I change into slacks or hose when I get to work) to avoid getting chilled by the damp rainy air. Then I don a trench, rain boots and a fabulous umbrella. I also make sure one or more of those rainy day accessories offers color and pattern to combat the gray backdrop. You take a work dress code and make it your fashionable own don’t you? Why not do the same with your outerwear?

In conclusion, during this seasonal shift I advise you to embrace the rain rather then  let it get you down – even if it means going out to purchase a new umbrella, raincoat, rain boots or even all three!