Toast to Tuesday: Oh my gawdddd, shoes!

by WorkWardrobe | June 8th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

We have officially entered the summer months, which mean many things. Yet most importantly it’s an excuse to go shopping for shoes. Depending on the office setting you work in the acceptable shoe choice may differ. In some work places it is more then okay to wear a cute pair of trendy gladiator sandals while in others it is a big no no to expose even your toes let alone your entire foot.

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Shoes! by WorkWardrobe featuring Dolce Vita shoes

If you are one who works in an office with a more strict dress code, fear not, as you don’t have to suffer in a pair of heels all summer long. Ballet flats are in my opinion, a blessing. You can use them to dress up your outfit, or dress it down while remaining very comfortable! Check out all of the different styles of flats you can choose from and find one that would be appropriate for your specific office setting to make for a more comfortable summer at work!