Toast to Tuesday: Avoiding the Sweat of the Office Commute

by WorkWardrobe | May 18th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

As summer approaches we are all desperate for any possible way to shed a few extra pounds before it is time to take off a layer or two. For those of you who have jobs that confine you to a small uncomfortable chair all day, you know what I am talking about. One great way to do this is to challenge yourself to walk. all. the way. to work. Yes, it sounds slightly miserable as you may have to get up extra early to do this but it is not uncommon.  So many people walk to work or to the train when the weather is appropriate but there is always one common complaint- “I am so sweaty when I get to the office and smell horrible all day.”

Let me help you with the office obstacle of walking to your work destination and still feeling great the rest of the day. Here is what you need- an extra shirt (just in case), a change of shoes (because you will wear gym shoes to walk to work), deodorant, tissues, Evian facial spray (just to freshen), and any other normal things you have in your purse. Speaking of purse, you will need one large enough to hold all of these items. Messenger bags work the best as you can wear them across your body and have your hands free for your coffee and cell of course!