Toast to Tuesday: Light and Br-easy

by WorkWardrobe | May 11th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

At work, it is often more easy to get through your day when you are feeling comfortable and free. A good way to do this during the spring and summer seasons is to wear clothes are not extremely form fitting and constricting. To me, there is nothing worse than getting to the office and feeling as though I am confined to my chair the entire day because if I were to get up, my shirt might ride up or pants ride down. I can understand if you have a shirt you are dying to wear and the only way you can wear it is if you sit like a statue all day without moving; after all we have all been there. But, if this is a monthly occurrence it might be time to look into some more comfortable work clothes.

In this set above, you will see a cream silk blouse that is very free flowing. When I look at that shirt it screams comfortable and wearable to me – two characteristics that I look for in work clothing. This top could be paired with gray trousers (minimal harem style) and light pink pumps to create a very functional outfit. As far as accessories, I would bring in gold rather then silver because it works very well with cream. A navy bag and splash of Chloe perfume and you will be ready to have a very comfortable day at the office!


Yes, I agree...form fitting is bad. Especially if you walk to work in summer months. Cute ensemble! Love the bag and shoes.