Toast to Tuesday: I Want Her Style – Giving Your Outfit an Accent!

by WorkWardrobe | March 9th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

When you are rushing around the city trying to get things done at a rapid pace there is nothing that can slow you down, except when you see someone wearing an outfit that makes you say, “I want her style”. I know the feeling: You hate to love the girl who is dressed in an outfit that screams, I am so fashionable and didn’t even try because chances are that she definitely tried – very hard. The truth is that it’s not that difficult to make yourself stand out with your sense of style. All you need is an accent piece.

Here’s one way to take your outfit from, “oh I love your shoes” to, “you have the best sense of style”. It is simple; let’s say you’re wearing a cute gray/brown dress, black tights, ankle boots, and a blazer. This is already an extremely adorable outfit for a work day. When deciding which piece to accent this ensemble, try to think logically. For example, a pair of hot pink shoes would certainly be an accent but would not be appropriate for the office. The idea here is to accent something that you aren’t going to have attached to your body all day – for example your purse. Try a purple bag to contrast against the rest of your gray/black/brown outfit. Once you get to work, that bag will be put under your desk or in a closet, which makes it an appropriate piece to accent for the office as it makes a statement but isn’t a full time accessory to your working wardrobe. Leggings or jewelry would be great accents too, but maybe not for work – keep it simple and tasteful. Give these easy tips a try and let us know if you get any positive reactions!