Toast to Tuesday: How to Avoid Wet Socks During the Work Day

by WorkWardrobe | February 16th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Living in Chicago has its ups and downs just as any windy, snowy, and freezing cold city does. We all know that despite these body numbing temperatures and cloudy days, living in Chicago suddenly becomes worth it when the summer months start creeping up. But, until then we have to suffer through the winter months which is what gives us our “pleasant” moods each morning as our dress pants drag through the slush or our legs freeze through our tights on the trek to work.  Trust me, a freezing, wet pant, coffee-less person is not who you want to be in line next to at a Starbucks at 7 AM on a Monday.BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFllwa0MxUzRUM3hHVnpGbGFjNThVSXcAAAACaWQKAWUAAAAEc2l6ZQ Toast to Tuesday: How to Avoid Wet Socks During the Work Day

I am here to try and lighten the load of things that stress you out on those draining mornings where you seem to be exhausted before you even get to work! We all know that it is a drag to wear a pair of snow boots to work and then have to change into your pumps or ballet flats at the office, but isn’t it better than sitting in wet socks or even worse salt covered shoes the entire day? It has been said that the classic style of Uggs have gone out of style but please, don’t be confused by this message. For those of us who actually wear them because of weather constraints, they are like a gift from God. For those of us who wear them to be stylish in LA then yes, there are better ways to go. I suggest a pair of black Uggs (they have saved my life). Keep a pair at the office so that on those snowy days you can wear them home and keep another pair (doesn’t have to be Uggs) at home; this way you will be covered. It’s time to make your mornings more relaxing because we all know that we need to keep our stress levels low at least until the work day begins!