Toast to Tuesday: Fun Fall Skirts

by Rachel Yeomans | October 26th, 2010   

Ladies I don’t know about you, but come fall I have the exuberance of a child about to run into a pile of leaves! However now at an older age, I have the same excitement about sauntering down the sidewalk on a crisp cool day with layers upon layers of fall fashions! One thing I’ve noticed in my current working wardrobe however, is a sad lack of statement skirts. I have loads of statement blouses and dresses, however my skirts support other statement pieces but don’t hold a lot of statement themselves. I am bound to change that!

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Fun Work Skirts by WorkWardrobe featuring juicy couture watches

What I love so much about this skirt is that it resonates the colors of fall I so love of the season. And as I paired it with a black short-sleeved turtleneck, I thought the cream shawl would be a smart addition for when it gets cooler in the office space. I have so many shawls on hand at my desk, my coworker jokingly calls me ‘Grandma’ – well I am one fashionable grandmother thank you very much!

Fun Work Skirt 2 by WorkWardrobe featuring melissa shoes

I put together the above look because I wanted to showcase that you can wear a patterned skirt with another patterned piece, in this instance, a button-down top! As you can see the pattern in the skirt is much lighter than that of the top, thereby making the outfit very coordinated and of course office-friendly. And if you notice, the two most basic items in this ensemble are the accessories. I usually wear all black with the accessories making the statement. Dear readers, I’m quite glad to be stepping out of my comfort zone this season!