Toast to Tuesday: From the Workplace to the Workout Place!

by WorkWardrobe | June 15th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

As most of us know, having a 9-5 job leaves only two options for getting our butts into the gym. There are the early birds who get to the gym by four so they can be showered and at the office by nine and then there is the after-work crew who despite their extreme state of exhaustion uses every last drop of energy to get themselves into the gym. More commonly than not, people prefer to go to work out after work to allow them the extra few hours of sleep in the morning.

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From Work to the Gym! by WorkWardrobe featuring Nike

When choosing to go to the gym after work there are a few ways that you can make your life easier. First, use a tote bag rather then a briefcase or clutch to store your gym shoes, iPod, and whatever other supplies you bring to the gym. Another helpful way to make getting to the gym easier is to wear a tank top under your work clothes so that the transition into your workout outfit is half way done before you even get there! 

What tips and tricks do you follow for your post-work workout?