Toast to Tuesday: Dressing for your Secret Office Sweetheart

by WorkWardrobe | February 9th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a day that we either choose to love or hate, I am going to propose that instead of hating on the holiday this year, you should choose to embrace it by dressing to impress. Whether you have your eye on Bob the security guard, Dan the CEO, or Rob the assistant you can definitely change your everyday work outfit to catch their attention.

Try a sexy but work appropriate fitted black dress with a thin belt (this will change the look from night out to work dress allowing you to go out with ‘Bob’ straight from the office!). There is nothing like the sophistication of a black pump to keep you looking fierce and in control! Pair these with black sheer tights and a hint of perfume and you will no longer be ‘plain Jane’ who despises Valentine’s Day but rather an extremely busy Jane who has her date book full for the next three weeks!