Toast to Tuesday: Doesn’t Get Much Easier!

by WorkWardrobe | July 27th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

We are always on the look out for the perfect pair of jeans, bag, sweater etc. that we can pair with any outfit, any day of the week. After all, when you work long hours with no time for yourself, every little bit counts. So, if you can save yourself a half hour in the morning because you have that fabulous sweater in your closet (in 3 different colors) then ladies, I say- work it.

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Doesn’t get much easier! by WorkWardrobe featuring J Brand jeans

The outfit I have created above is very easy to put together. The key is to pick one piece and work off of it. I chose the light blue sweater. When I first saw it I was thinking to myself, this is kind of dull. But, when paired with a thick brown belt and a pair of dark skinnies, the look just came together! Of course, if you work in a more conservative office, don a skinny black trouser over the jeans. But don’t be afraid to update your outfits by adding a belt or purse! Because then your go-to piece can change with every outfit. Now how easy is that?!


I want that blue sweater! so so cute. too bad its 350 bucks