Toast to Tuesday: Blazer Dayz

by WorkWardrobe | August 17th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

Although summer is great, some of us prefer the fall season as it allows for a much more flexible wardrobe. Rather then having to find the perfect shirt that won’t leave you too hot on the way to the office but also too cold when your under the air conditioner you can simply throw on a blazer. Blazers are the perfect combination of sophistication and style for the office and with fall quickly approaching it is time to bust them out of the closet.


Blazer Days! by WorkWardrobe featuring Steven by Steve Madden shoes

In this outfit I have paired a red pencil skirt with a black blazer that has gathered shoulders for style. I always recommend having a good black blazer in your closet as it can be paired with absolutely any color. As for accessories with this outfit, you can match your purse to your shoes using a color that is in your base outfit (jacket and skirt) and you’re all set for a day at the office!


Thanks so much!!! We've received so many comments on the skirt - and it's only $30 on sale! We may have to fight people for it...

I want the blazer and that bright red pencil skirt! Cute cute combination


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