Toast to Tuesday: A Resolution for Workwear

by Rachel Yeomans | January 4th, 2011   

It seems this week’s theme is centered around the New Year. Very fitting of course considering that it is the first week after the holiday marked for changes to be made and goals to be reached. So in regards to workwear, what are your wardrobe goals for 2011 specific to the workplace? I know that I have gotten lazy as of late with the cold weather and time change (yesterday I admit I wore my winter boots for almost the entire workday). Then last night after finally starting to go through my January fashion issues, I noticed Kate Bosworth’s outfit on the cover of Lucky. It’s simple, professional, and elicited a reaction of, ‘Wow that’s a really smart way to use accessories!’

kate bosworth cover 298 Toast to Tuesday: A Resolution for Workwear

I’m a very big fan of belts and yellow does happen to be one of my favorite colors when it comes to fashion. But what struck me, is that there wasn’t a whole lot going on with the outfit – it’s a dress with a blouse underneath it with statement earrings and belt. No crazy layering strategy. No pattern mixing. No degree in fashion or a designer’s eye required. However the styling turns the head and reminds us that it doesn’t have to be complicated to work – and in this case, make a statement.

So I tacked the cover to my office bulletin board to remind myself that getting ready for work doesn’t have to be tedious to accomplish a goal of looking fashionable and professional. Yes it is great having those go-to items, but it feels even better to wear a fresh clothing combination or include a new accessory or even don a new shade of lipstick.

My work wardrobe New Year’s resolution? Start introducing a simple statement piece or combination (or several if feeling quite ambitious in the morning) into at least three work outfits a week. And yes, this is one resolution I plan on sticking to. What’s yours?


@theworkwardrobe Then stay tuned for tomorrow's post... there's a LOT of plaid going on :)


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