Toast to Tuesday: …and the countdown to spring begins!

by WorkWardrobe | March 16th, 2010   

By Jacqueline Rezak

I really don’t think anyone is more excited then I am for the arrival of spring (okay, maybe some of you Midwesterners). The first day of spring is March 20th (Happy Birthday Mom!), which means we have 4 days to get our fabulous wardrobes up to par for a new season. But don’t forget, just because it is spring does not mean the snow may not surprise us. And that definitely means rain is heading our way, so don’t put your warm clothes into storage just yet – however make sure to get your cardigans and rain boots ready!

Cardigans are extremely functional pieces to have in your wardrobe. I prefer cardigans with some length as they allow for more styles to be made (and of course, cover those areas you may want covered). One simple and very comfortable outfit for work would be the one displayed above. Black stretch-skinny pants and a loose-fitting tank with a long cardigan over is a very simple way to go. A great way to make this outfit more professional would be to add a wrap-around belt and a simple black tote. It is a very refreshing style that is easy to wear and work appropriate in any business casual setting! And for those sneak peaks of sunshine after work, fight for those balcony seats at happy hour and remove the cardigan to let your shoulders get some much-craved Vitamin D sunlight!