Taking the “Romance Novel Cover” Out of a White Dress

by HumaR | August 12th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

Sometimes, you really just feel like wearing a white dress. They’re classic. They’re breezy and summery and feminine. It’s best not to overanalyze it: sometimes, you just want to be The Girl In The White Dress.

Here’s a way to be That Girl at work, without looking like you just came from posing for the cover of a contemporary romance novel. Because, duh, the models for the cover of Regency romance novels wear those long dresses that fall to their ankles in a pretense of modesty, but also put some serious decolletage on display. Eh. What are you going to do?

Why, wear this, of course!

ww28 Taking the Romance Novel Cover Out of a White DressGrace Elements Dress ………. $39.99
Rosetti Isabella Purse in Green ………. $35.40
Mary Janes ………. $15
Long Wood Necklace ………. $2.99

I picked this lovely cap sleeved smocked dress. Isn’t it just twee? (As Emma Thompson defines it, ‘twee’ is whimsy without wit. I think it’s a pretty decent British characterization; we in American use the term a little differently, but whatever.) It falls past the knee, totally work appropriate, even when it rides up as you sit.

I paired it with brown Mary Janes and a matching brown beaded necklace that I found on Etsy. And as a finishing touch, I threw in this ‘moss snake’ colored tote bag, which I think is kind of awesome. There’s such a scarcity of awesome green tote bags. It’s a shame, because green handbags are probably my favorite.

And there we have a lovely way to work a breezy white dress into your office attire!