Business Casual Superstar: Giving Miss Georgia a Business Casual Makeover!

by HumaR | August 19th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

So, dear readers, I was challenged the other day by one of my friends, who posted this blog post about the Miss Universe 2010 National Costumes thing, and said she wanted to see if I could turn even one of them into something that someone could actually wear in public without being chased by the nice men in white jackets.

And you guys know I never turn up my nose at a good challenge. SO CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, Megan!

For my weekly post, I decided to make over Miss Georgia. (The country, not the American state.)

miss georgia nana gogichaishvili Business Casual Superstar: Giving Miss Georgia a Business Casual Makeover!

Pretty girl and as far as costumes go, not bad. Let’s be honest, it’s hideous, but I feel like it could be way more hideous. I mean, you’ve seen what the other girls were wearing, if you clicked that link. Yikes. Train wreck city!

But I actually loved the color combinations here: brown and cream and red go so well together. I have a pair of silks (traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez, actually) that are those exact colors, and it’s just a lovely combination. Plus, I love when red shoes are worn correctly, and red’s been popping up all over the runways recently – has anyone else noticed this? Designers are totally falling in love with this bold color all over again, and are going all out.

Now, I’m not suggesting you outfit yourself in head-to-toe red and polish it off with Marilyn Monroe-esque lipstick, like the runway models, but I did play around with red shoes and this lovely color combo. Let’s take a look.

ww29 Business Casual Superstar: Giving Miss Georgia a Business Casual Makeover!Brown Straight Leg Pants ………. $15
French Connection Ruffled Blouse ………. $53
Rocket Dog Ballet Flat in Rosewood ………. $19.95

Bangle ………. $6.99

I pulled off something very simple here. Basically fool-proof. I found a pretty red top with lots of other colors like burnt orange and white, and instead of pairing it with black pants – which would have been too stark, or, as we professionals call it, eye-stabby, technical term – I paired it with brown pants to soften and warm up the look.

I found a pair of red flats to tie in with the shirt and keep that bold red theme going, and finished it with a cream colored wooden bangle since we had some money left over and needed accessories. A shiny brown leather tote with some nice hardware will pair greatly with this, as will a cream colored satchel or a tan or taupe one. Go with a red wallet if you like (you know the kind – the bigger, fancy, sleek red wallet/pocketbooks) but an actual red bag will be too much. You don’t want to overdo the red.

And that’s how I’d make over one of the Miss Universe gals (Miss Georgia). What do I win, Megan? Ooh, I hope it’s a pony.