Business Casual Superstar: Loving the Boyfriend Blazer

by Rachel Yeomans | April 1st, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

I’ve really been into blazers lately. They are tremendously versatile pieces (they can be worn with suit pants, jeans, skirts, a dress, anything!) and there exists such incredible variety when it comes time to making your purchase. There are slouchy and comfortable blazers, professional three-button jackets, patterned blazers, floral blazers, cropped blazers, fitted blazers, long blazers, boyfriend blazers, and more.

One of the smartest things you can do in crafting the perfect business casual wardrobe is buying a couple blazers in different styles and just working them into your rotation and mixing and matching them with items you already own.

Here’s an example of something I’d wear with, say, a boyfriend blazer. Aside from liking blazers, I just like menswear inspired pieces in general. When paired with the right pieces in the right colors, a great menswear piece can really show off your sense of style and flair in a confident and polished way. Menswear pieces add to the professional edge you’re going for and help you exude confidence and strength.

(Is it misogynistic of me to say that? Probably. I can be such a horrible feminist sometimes. No one tell my college professors!)

Here’s what I’m talking about:

ww12 Business Casual Superstar: Loving the Boyfriend BlazerDark Rinse Boot Cut Jeans ………. $15
Lindsay Sequin Flat in Pink ………. $14.80
Takara Floral Chiffon Blouse ………. $15
LC Boyfriend Blazer in Grey ………. $39.99
Oversized Stud Earings ………. $13.68

I love boot cut jeans. They’re flattering for most body types, because the light flare at the bottom really balances out the hips and elongates the leg. Furthermore, a dark rinse is slimming. If you can get a pair where the outer seam is closer to the front than resting right on the outside of the thigh, that’s even more flattering because it tricks the eyes into thinking that your leg ends with the seam.

I paired the dark jeans with a fluttery chiffon top. It’s got pretty pinks and blues which still look feminine when you add the grey blazer. The blazer is actually from Lauren Conrad’s Kohl’s line. It’s kind of funny: Her high-price line was pretty much unanimously panned by fashion critics who said it was overpriced and under-inspired, but her low-end Kohl’s line is getting some great reviews, with critics calling the pieces ‘feminine’ and ‘fun’ but still ‘polished.’ That’s why I loved the boyfriend blazer: It’s got the relaxed boyfriend cut with the contrast lining, and it’s a great piece to work into any wardrobe rotation. If you’ve got a spare minute, check out some of the other pieces in her line: she’s got a sparkly black cardigan that I’ve got my eye on, too.

For the shoes, I wanted something bright and fun, so I went with these patterned and sequined flats from Forever21 in that bright pink to go with the shirt, and since I had room in the budget for accessories I selected a pair of baby blue ASOS earrings.

And there we have a bright, feminine outfit featuring a trendy blazer front and center!



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