Business Casual Superstar: Working the Blazer with the Skirt

by Rachel Yeomans | May 28th, 2010   

I’m really feeling blazers these days, and lucky for all of us, they’re the very definition of work-appropriate. We’ve talked about blazers before, but I don’t think we’ve discussed wearing blazers with skirts. I love that idea because the skirt keeps everything feminine and flowy, and the blazer adds a professional touch. Keep it unbuttoned to keep from looking too stuffy, and you’ve got a fool-proof outfit for the office.

ww18 Business Casual Superstar: Working the Blazer with the SkirtAbstract Print Skirt in Red ………. $19.97
Double Button Placket Shirt in White ………. $17.49
Peplum Blazer in Light Tan ………. $49
Metallic Ballet Flats in Bronze ………. $10.50

I picked a colorful skirt with cheery red tones, and paired it with a white shirt with fun almost-ruffles. It’s still work appropriate even if you decide to ditch the blazer, which is a lovely tan piece in a flattering cut.

I picked a pair of bronze metallic flats to add some sparkle and excitement to the outfit (bronze because they pick up the brown tones in the blazer), and there we have it! Simple, but fun and pretty.