Business Casual Superstar: The Tie Front Blouse

by HumaR | June 23rd, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

Sometimes, I adore little feminine accents in my clothing. Okay, most of the time. I don’t like tons of ruffles or ribbons exploding all over the place, but I can’t tell you how many tops I have with cute little bows or other similar understated feminine accents. I guess that’s one of my style mantras: dress feminine, but not girly. And yes, there’s a big difference between clothing that is girly as opposed to clothing that is feminine.

So when I saw this tie-front blouse, I just loved it. It has a sash that ties around at the front, and I love how it cinches in the waist and creates a flattering and feminine silhouette.

Let’s see what I put together for today:

huma rashid business casual superstar june 23 Business Casual Superstar: The Tie Front Blouse

Straight Leg Twill Pants in Stone ………. $22.99
Tie Front Blouse in Light Tangerine ………. $39.99
Guess Black Pumps ………. $29.99

First, I have to point out that I made a mistake: I’m off by $10. The outfit cost is $92.97, well under $100, and NOT $102.97. I was adding numbers in my head too fast and for some reason went over by $10. This outfit, like almost all of the outfits I post here, is under our $100 limit.

There’s that gorgeous little blouse I found at Lord & Taylor. It’s available in a ton of colors, so if you like the magenta one better, go for it! That color will look fabulous with the stone twill pants, as will the turquoise color. So many lovely hues to choose from.

I went with these sensible shoes, which bring the outfit total to $92.97, and not the number I erroneously plastered on the image in Photoshop. A lovely, flattering, feminine look that fits our $100 budget.

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