Business Casual Superstar: Taylor Swift’s Lovely Lace Look!

by HumaR | November 25th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

This week at my blog, I’m covering a ton of Taylor Swift outfits and replicating them for under $100. So why should my weekly post here be any different? I’m sure a lot of you like Taylor Swift, just like one of my readers, the one that requested the outfits to begin with.

What I like about Taylor’s style is that she has obviously figured out what works for her personality and her body type.

She’s built like a twig and isn’t the bustiest girl around, so she favors sweetheart necklines. Those are great for those among us that have a smaller cup size. She loves sun dresses and glittery dresses for her concerts, which she’s able to wear well on her tall, thin frame.

As for her personality, as opposed to body type, Taylor seems like a total girly-girl from her songs, so it’s no surprise that she loves sparkly dresses and jewel tones and dramatic red lips. She’s also a Nashville girl, so she’s got to bring in the cowboy boots to represent.

Here’s the outfit I chose to replicate for today’s post:

taylor swift 37 Business Casual Superstar: Taylor Swifts Lovely Lace Look!

And this is what I did with it:

business casual superstar 37 Business Casual Superstar: Taylor Swifts Lovely Lace Look!

Lace Dress ………. $15.59
Perforated Faux Leather Belt ………. $9.50
Ralph Lauren Pearl Earrings ………. $24
Mary Janes in Brown (bottom) ………. $40
Detailed Oxfords in Brown (top) ………. $29.99

I found this lace dress after much searching, because everything was either sleeveless or too short, but this should work just fine for the office. A sliver of a brown belt breaks it up a bit without being too chunky, and I caught a glimpse of pearl by her ear, so we have these pearl earrings.

Now, Taylor’s shoes are the tricky part. She’s obviously wearing heels, but they’re heeled cut-out brogues. Or heeled cut out oxfords. Whatever. So for the cut-out aspect, I went with the Mary Janes, but I also liked the oxford look, so I found oxfords with a kitten heel that also fit the bill. Look at it this way: you have choices!

And there we have an adorable little look inspired by country superstar Taylor Swift.