Business Casual Superstar: Stealing Sophia Bush’s Sweet and Sophisticated Gray Ensemble!

by HumaR | December 23rd, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

Boy, that’s a lot of alliteration for this early in the morning. And I haven’t even had my coffee yet, otherwise I’d have already bowled all of you over with my sparkling wordplay! Yeah, I’m awesome like that.

Anyway, I’m back this week now that my law school finals are over. One more semester to go, and I’m on vacation now for a little less than a month. Good times.

I do realize, however, that not everyone gets to be on break for as long as students typically do. A lot of you will be headed back to the office shortly after the Christmas holiday is over, and you’re going to need something stylish and professional to wear.

So how about this darling look, modeled by the equally lovely Sophia Bush of the CW’s One Tree Hill?

000625 mystyle sophia brittany Business Casual Superstar: Stealing Sophia Bushs Sweet and Sophisticated Gray Ensemble!

First, can I just talk for a minute about how I love Sophia Bush? Because I do. I find her just adorable. Look at her! She’s so cute! It’s the dimples, probably.

Plus, we never read tabloid stories about her falling out of a club at 2AM with her knickers showing, you know? And we never see pictures of her totally plastered. She is, by most accounts, a lovely person. A normal person.

…And she has dimples. Dimples will never not be adorable, just in case anyone was keeping track.

But let’s move on to my cost-effective version of her outfit, which is a totally appropriate office look:

ww39 Business Casual Superstar: Stealing Sophia Bushs Sweet and Sophisticated Gray Ensemble!

Fly 53 Seven Shades Jersey Dress ………. $25.86
Nine West LOVE Pumps in Iron ………. $19.99
Croft & Barrow Sweater in White ………. $19.99
Studded Strap Belt in Grey ………. $4.49

This dress from ASOS is kind of similar, with the pattern and color scheme. I paired it with these steel-colored shoes instead of Sophia’s sandals, just because pumps are more work appropriate, although you could totally swap them out for peep toes if that’s more your style. Of course, if your office dress code is more lax, sandals like hers would be fine, too. It all depends.

This comfy-looking cable knit cardigan is from Kohl’s, and I added a gray belt from Charlotte Russe to cinch over it, creating a nice, flattering hourglass shape. And there we have Sophia’s lovely ensemble, for a fraction of the cost!



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