Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses

by HumaR | October 27th, 2011   
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By Huma Rashid

Today’s post is going to be light and fun. Normally, I stick to some cohesive theme if I’m not doing a single ensemble, but for today, I just want to put up a couple of dresses that I really like. No real commonality between them, no theme. I just think they’re pretty. And maybe you’ll agree!

As always, click on the picture to purchase. All dresses are under $100 and are work appropriate. Some of you may need to throw on a cardigan if you’re not permitted to wear sleeveless dresses.

2011 10 27 00h17 57 Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses


As far as work-appropriate LBDs go, I love this one. I like the pleating up top, I like the cinched in waist, and I like the length. It’s sleek and polished and pretty.

Not a fan of the black? Want something bolder?

2011 10 27 00h18 29 Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses


Go for the same dress, but in a warm, cheery red.

2011 10 27 00h21 52 Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses


You know, I’m not quite sure why I like this. Maybe it’s the texture. I do like textured things. Maybe it’s the minimalist cut of the actual dress. I like dresses that are long and sleek and seamless. Maybe it’s the shawl collar – I love shawls, and shawl collars and/or cowl necks aren’t that much of a stretch.

2011 10 27 00h23 50 Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses


I absolutely adore the color combinations. Purply reds and greyish black – lovely. Dark and sedate but still somehow exciting. This one is, admittedly, a little short – just a wee bit. Leggings or tights or black hose would be a wise choice.

2011 10 27 00h26 15 Business Casual Superstar: So Many Pretty Dresses


I’m not totally wild about this dress, but I love its possibilities. I like brushstroke dresses well enough – abstract prints are pretty great, much better than stripes or florals or any kind of arrayed design, at least in my opinion. I like the shape and cut of this dress along with the brushstroke print, but what I really like is the potential for accessorizing.

You can go a lot of different ways with this one. The little v-neck creates a neat little pocket of space that you can fill up with a great, bold necklace. Or maybe a simple necklace with a really interesting pendant – an owl with big gemstone eyes, a multi-faceted orb, even a robot. Robot necklaces are adorable. (Yes, I’m twelve.)

You can also go with an armful of bangles, or a simple, bright, eye-catching cuff bracelet. The dress leaves the arms fully bare, after all, and that’s a great canvas on which to add accessories.

I’m also thinking about shoes. I’d wear something bright and bold on my feet – maybe something a little funky. That would be a lot of fun. Not splashing-through-big-puddles-fun, but making-fashion-choices-fun. It totally helps that this dress is in neutral colors, giving us so much more room (and more colors) to play around with.

So, I love this dress for its possibilities.

Of the few I chose to highlight today, which is your favorite? Do you have any better ones to add to my list? I’d love to see them!