Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!

by HumaR | November 4th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

One of the hottest trends right now is shearling - shearling boots, shearling jackets, shearling sweaters, shearling everything! And today, I pulled together a few pieces that will help you take advantage of this cozy, fuzzy trend.

Let’s get started!

2010 10 31 204249 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


So, let’s say you’re not really sold on this whole shearling thing. This cropped jacket is a great way to get in on the trend while keeping it all understated. No huge fuzzy collars or big trim or anything – it’s just a soft, warm shearling knit that’s sure to be cozy and comfortable.

2010 10 31 204730 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


A little more into the trend? Try this coat, which is sure to be extremely warm, since it’s hooded (with that shearling trim) and filled with down. Goosefeather down is just about the warmest thing there is short of actual animal pelts, and it’s absolutely necessary if you live in the tundra formerly known as Chicago.

2010 10 31 205127 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


This all-white shearling jacket is a great option if you’re not into the contrasting colors. Plus, cropped jackets are hip in their own right. Using the word hip, however, is usually not hip.

2010 10 31 205516 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


Hah! Look at these UGG earmuffs! Adorable. I wear earmuffs throughout the fall and early spring (our early spring is just winter with a flower in its hat) because it’s freaking cold here, but mine are just those plain black banded things that wrap around the back of your head. These earmuffs, however, look much warmer and cozier, all while being perfectly on-trend.

(I’m not a big fan of earmuffs in general, so I’m not particularly tempted, but, boy, do I love UGG. They’re the only reason I still have all ten of my toes! Yes, that’s another Chicago winter joke.)

2010 10 31 205922 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


Aviator jackets with shearling trim are easily the hottest coat of the season. I usually see black and chocolate ones, but I really like this gray. It’s soft and understated, and still chic.

2010 10 31 210103 Business Casual Superstar: Shopping For Shearling!


Isn’t this interesting? It’s a sweater coat! I’m not 100% on it, but I do like to post a variety of pieces so that everyone will (hopefully) find something he or she (but usually she) will like.

And there we have a bunch of ways for you to be on-trend this winter, and if you like what you see here, check out my blog, the Reasonably Prudent Law Student, for lots of fashion tips, outfits, and the occasional web comic.

Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin

Very cute items! But now you're scaring me about Chicago winters... I may have to travel there this coming winter!!


Oh no we don't want to scare you away! In order to survive said Chicago winters, all you you need is the following: LAYERS! :)