Business Casual Superstar: Rocking the Red Blazer

by Rachel Yeomans | June 24th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

I got this email from Ella, a reader at my blog, the Reasonably Prudent Law Student, where I do my normal Business Casual Superstar series posts. Ella writes,

I bought a red blazer. Not a maroon blazer or a burgundy blazer or a dark red blazer, but a firecracker red blazer. It’s bright and attention grabbing and not at all like anything else I have in my closet. I work in the Career Counseling office at a local college, if you needed to know that, and we can wear jeans on Fridays, so I can wear the blazer to work, no problem. But my question is, how?! Any ideas?

Actually, it does help to know where you work, Emma. At my blog, I put together ensembles for general working professionals in all kinds of offices, but I always try to add some disclaimers specifically for lawyers. For example, at a Big Law firm, wearing a bright red blazer to work means you don’t even have to bother coming in the next morning. No joke. Casual Friday, at least for men, generally means a pale blue button down shirt under the suit jacket instead of a plain white one.


Anyway, Career Counseling offices are generally less formal (the ladies in my undergraduate career office wore capris in the spring and fall) so this outfit will totally work.

ww21 Business Casual Superstar: Rocking the Red BlazerFive Pocket Bootleg Jeans ………. $15
Camisole in White ………. $9.99
Button Front Blazer in Red ………. $19
Moda Spana Pump in Bone ………. $41.22
Trifari Simulated Pearl Bracelet ………. $12.06

Addendum: The price is actually $97.27. Sorry!

You said jeans were appropriate on Fridays, so I picked a pair of dark boot cut ones. I threw in a camisole, NOT in the bright floral shown, but in white, with a cute little bow at the top, and your red blazer goes over that. I added a pair of nude pumps – more like bone, and not very nude for certain skin types, but they can easily be substituted for tan.

It’s effortless and fool-proof, and totally work-appropriate!