Business Casual Superstar: Pearly Pinks and Heather Greys

by HumaR | May 19th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

Pink and grey have to be one of my favorite color combinations for workplace ensembles. The pink is blatantly, unmistakably feminine and effortlessly pretty, while the grey (depending on the shade – there is, after all, a difference between charcoal grey and pale heather grey) is polished and professional but without getting too heavy or dramatic. (Black, anyone?)

And I’ve been seeing pink and grey pop up all over the place this season, particularly in office dresses, where the bodice will be a pretty pink with little chiffon rosettes and the skirt will be grey and pleated. It’s a darling look and the colors are such that you can still do a lot with accessories and get away with it all.

Let’s take a look at what I put together for today:

huma rashid business casual superstar may 19 Business Casual Superstar: Pearly Pinks and Heather Greys

Anne Klein Skirt in Pale Grey ………. $49
Lace Scalloped Top ………. $22.80
Ballet Flats in Burgundy ………. $24
Pearlescent Bracelet Set in Pink ………. $2.80

So simple, and all we did was play around with shades of pink.

I went with this classic Anne Klein suiting skirt – it’s the perfect length and cut for a workplace ensemble. Fool-proof, seriously. I paired it with this white and pink top from Forever 21. It always amuses me when I can pair relative high end pieces (AK) with low-end pieces (Forever21) and have it just work. Sure, sometimes it’s an abject disaster, but I have a good feeling about this one.

This isn’t supposed to be an overly formal look, but a cute and comfy summer outfit. It’s just that the formal skirt kicks the entire ensemble up a notch, while the shirt and flats keep it grounded and normal. After all, it’s not like you’re wearing this outfit to court or anything. (Although you could totally get away with doing just that so long as you weren’t the attorney … or the judge.)

I went with flats, but if you wanted this to be a little dressier (without scrapping the top), just throw on a pair of heels. These flats have a cute little bow and come in a deep, rich burgundy color. It doesn’t match the pink of the shirt, but the hues are in the same color family, which is why this will work.

I wanted some jewelry and had only four dollars left over in my budget, so I hit up Forever21 (again) and threw in a pink bracelet just so you could get a sense of what I wanted to show. The top has short little sleeves and your arms will be bare, so a bracelet will look extra nice. (Of course, I’d recommend wearing one of the lovely bracelets I’m sure you already have, rather than buying this one for $3 – it’s used mostly for illustration purposes.)

And there we have an adorable pink and grey work outfit for just under $100!

Cable Car Couture
Cable Car Couture

Agreed, Julie. Right now I'm digging pink and red together. It works when it's pulled together with a fun floral pattern.

Julie Scheer
Julie Scheer

I do this combo all of the time. I also like grey with mustard yellow.