Business Casual Superstar: Never Let Carey Mulligan’s Dress Go!

by HumaR | October 21st, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

How many of you have seen “Never Let Me Go?” Is it good? Did you like it or was it not really your thing? I haven’t gone to the movies in forever, mostly because I spend the two hours sitting there in the dark thinking, Ugh, I totally could have finished two criminal procedure assignments by now and started my Remedies reading. I guilt myself out of having a good time every single time I go!

So I probably won’t see Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley’s new flick, “Never Let Me Go,” until it’s out on DVD. Easily. If then. But that doesn’t prevent me from checking out their outfits for the premieres and photocalls!

Here is what Carey wore to one such photocall:

business casual superstar carey mulligan never let me go Business Casual Superstar: Never Let Carey Mulligans Dress Go!

It’s an acrid, mustard yellow and yet somehow, this awesome girl makes it work. Carey is brilliant when it comes to pulling oddball pieces like this off. She looks great, even with that awkward in-between-ish hair. She had it cropped in a teeny little pixie cut that worked okay for her, and now is obviously trying to grow it out, and is doing so in a totally adorable way.

Personally, I’ve always preferred Carey with her long, Sally Sparrow locks (Doctor Who fans, unite!), but then again, every hot young blonde starlet has that hair. (Not Carey’s talent or natural charm, though.) So I understand wanting to set herself apart with a cute little pixie.

Now, full disclosure, I will never be able to duplicate this Proenza dress. As for my feelings on it, I think I would have loved it in just about any other color EXCEPT turquoise or robin’s egg blue. I like it okay in mustard yellow, but then again, I’ve never hated mustard yellow (it has always worked well with my mocha skin tone). But what makes me realllllly like this dress is how well Carey wears it. Sometimes, an actress can take a so-so decent dress and turn it into something special. I think this is one of those moments for Carey.

(The dress she wore to the premiere, though, looked like a Charlie Brown inspired mess! No, Carey, no!)

While I will never be able to duplicate this dress, I can put together something similar that goes for the general idea of the ensemble here. Let’s see what I did.

ww33 Business Casual Superstar: Never Let Carey Mulligans Dress Go!Cap Sleeve Belted V-Neck Sheath in Twine ………. $49.99
Rampage Nikki Pumps ………. $20.47

I picked a pretty yellow dress with little sleeves (hence, office appropriate), and knee-length skirt (ditt0). The dress is belted and I tossed in a pair of black patent pumps.

Obviously, it’s not the Proenza dress or even anything totally similar, but it captures the idea of a bright yellow dress marked off with black, worn with black shoes. Personally, I don’t like yellow with black at all, but it can work. Carey makes that abundantly clear.

If you’re thinking this is a little too fancy for your office, substitute flats for pumps to dress it down a bit, or just save it for fancier office functions.

In my search for yellow dresses, I found two others that I liked, but were even less like Carey’s than this one. However, on the chance that you guys might like those better, I’ll put them up. Click the image for purchasing information, as always.

2010 10 16 121307 Business Casual Superstar: Never Let Carey Mulligans Dress Go!

Yukata Dress - $298

2010 10 16 121457 Business Casual Superstar: Never Let Carey Mulligans Dress Go!

Yves Saint Lauren - $760

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I love her dress! Beautiful shape and cap sleeves.


@theworkwardrobe Hello, have you seen my mustard yellow moto sweater?!?! I'm a little obsessed... so I hope I pull it off well :)