Business Casual Superstar: Horizontal Stripes and Making Them Work

by HumaR | July 14th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

Yes, yes, you’ve probably heard the fashion advice about how wearing horizontal stripes makes you look more “rotund”. Well, if you do it properly, you can take advantage of this cute trend and bring it into the office with you! Here’s the outfit I put together for today: huma rashid business casual superstar july 14 Business Casual Superstar: Horizontal Stripes and Making Them Work

Black Straight Leg Pants ………. $15 Bebe Striped Cowl Neck Top ………. $24.95 BDG Woven Skimmer in Blue Multi ………. $14.99 Vanessa Mooney Set of 3 Mali Bangles ………. $39

I picked a striped top, like I said, and kept it simple with black and white. It’s a little long, and silhouette-skimming, too, which I like better than larger, more billowy blouses that just kind of hang and flap all over the place.

Since the outfit was black and white, I went with patterned shoes. I didn’t actually intend to make them stripe-y as well, but I have these flats (or ones like them) from Urban Outfitters and like them a lot, so that’s probably why I gravitated toward them. If you’re not wild with them, pick flats (or heels, up to you) in a nice bright color that will pop against the neutral black and white. Go for a mulberry pink, or a bold red, or an emerald green, or fiery cobalt blue.

The top is striped, AND has a cowl neck, so you’ll definitely want to ditch the necklace. Even if there wasn’t a cowl neck, I’d skip the necklace just because you don’t want to look too busy on top. Instead, load up on fun bangles. I found these that were apparently designed by Sienna Miller, or are some of her favorites or at least she is referenced with the bangles. If those aren’t your style, go with a bunch of bracelets or bangles in different metals or textures: mix silver and copper and gold and leather and see what you like. Slip on a ring or two and you’re set.

And that’s how you can get in on the horizontal stripes trend, and bring it into the workplace with you. For more fun work outfits, and my inanities, check out my blog: The Reasonably Prudent Law Student. (…Subject to an imminent name change. I’ll be setting up the new domain/name, Business Casual Superstar. Far more appropriate.)


Cute! I've seen striped t-shirts and sweaters popping up at J Crew and Banana Republic a lot this summer. In fact, I bought one at each store -- they're fairly different tops, but they both manage to be flattering. I think you hit the nail on the head: a longer cut works best, and I've found that thinner stripes don't look quite so blocky and bulky.