Business Casual Superstar: High-Waisted Pants and Mixed Patterns

by HumaR | July 29th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

We’ve had some fun in the past couple of weeks, putting together outfits for work with things we might not normally wear to work – like sequins. But today my nose is back to the grindstone as I put together an ensemble with something that is easily work-appropriate: the high-waisted pant!

High waisted pants are still on trend, so for those of you that want to take advantage of that, I can help you out. Let’s see what I did here:

ww26 Business Casual Superstar: High Waisted Pants and Mixed PatternsHigh Waist Trouser in Black ………. $19.99
Polka Dot Tee ………. $7.99
Steve Madden Oxfords in Lavender ………. $19.99
Mixed Tape Cardigan in Dark Rosewood ………. $49.50

Let’s talk about what I did here. The pants are high-waisted, and look really comfortable. I went with black and paired them with this lavender and gray polka dotted shirt, because lavender works so well with black. I went with printed lavender oxfords, because oxford shoes are really in right now, and I liked the different pattern.

Since the tee has short little sleeves, I figured you might want a cardigan to keep this work-friendly. (Or not – your office might be casual enough for you to just wear the tee, tucked into your pants, of course, otherwise, what’s the point of high-waisted pants?) I kept things in the same color family by going with this dark purple cardigan. BUT – and this is important – do not button it.

You guys know that I sometimes get a little desperate when trying to put everything together for under $100. I wanted to find a dark purple cardigan that wasn’t banded at the bottom, but this was the one I liked the most, because it’s J.Crew and it’s awesome. But the banding on the bottom is problematic, because cardigans with bands on the bottom have their own shape, and should really be worn over dresses or skirts.

But if you don’t button it and leave it open for a slouchy and comfy look, the cardigan’s shape won’t be emphasized and it will look just fine with pants. Of course, if you have an unbanded purple cardigan of your own, I highly encourage the substitution.

Again, if you leave the cardigan unbuttoned, it won’t be a problem at all. And there we have a lovely work ensemble built around high-waist pants!