Business Casual Superstar: Get in on the Bright Aqua Dress Trend!

by HumaR | June 16th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

The trend this summer is bright and bold! I’m talking neons, too! And the trend isn’t just showing up in the hues of our clothing – make up is well represented, too, with this season’s hot shade being a bright fuchsia.

It can be tricky wearing such a bright, cheerful, eye-catching color to work, so I put together an outfit today that is appropriate for the office, but still lets you be a part of the trend. Today’s idea is that less is more. You don’t need to combine several bright shades, like a lot of celebrities (Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian) have been doing, because then you risk looking like a clown.

Instead, you might just pick one color, and pair it with neutral accessories. That’s what I did for today’s outfit.

huma rashid business casual superstar june 16 Business Casual Superstar: Get in on the Bright Aqua Dress Trend!

Pencil Dress in Peacock ………. $77.58
Medium Heel Shoes ………. $20.80

Incredibly simple. I found this pretty pencil dress at ASOS, and I love it. I love the shape and the cut and the zip details – all of it. It’s just so classic, and a little structured, and I’m a total sucker for that. Plus, look at that bright color. To avoid all distraction, I threw in a pair of beige shoes (for some reason, the site lists them as grey).

Ideally, I’d wear this dress with beige and black colorblock shoes, and cinch a black belt around my waist, and grab this really nice beige satchel I have with black handles and accents and minimal hardware. But I couldn’t find all that for under $100, and really wanted to share the pretty and professional pencil dress I found. Compromises!

Again, the key to wearing bright colors is not to overwhelm. Stick to one color, or two. Work with neutral pieces as well to keep the whole thing from looking too crazy, and you’ll be just fine.


I just adore the shoulders on this dress, it goes so nicely with the neckline. I can't help but wonder if it's the fabric's cut or shoulder pads

theworkwardrobe moderator

@gciceroHmmm, good question! It looks like it's the cut of the dress. I haven't seen shoulder pads in a garment in ages, which is why I assume as much. Have you?