Business Casual Superstar: Forget the Rules and Wear Horizontal Stripes

by Rachel Yeomans | September 8th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

There’s nothing wrong with horizontal stripes. Absolutely nothing! And yet they get a pretty bad rap. As long as they’re done right, horizontal stripes make for a great look and don’t deserve to be feared or relegated to smaller articles or accessories. Wear those stripes proudly, ladies!

I’ll even help you out, with this little outfit I put together for today:

huma rashid business casual superstar tww 9811 Business Casual Superstar: Forget the Rules and Wear Horizontal StripesTahari by ASL wrap jersey dress ………. $44.97
BDG Basic Suede Skimmer in Navy ………. $34
Peacock Pearl Necklace ………. $20

The dress is the perfect length for work, and comes in a bold horizontal-striped print. I picked blue flats to go with it, pairing them with a color already in the dress, because flats are comfortable and a great option for work.

As for the necklace, isn’t it pretty? I found it on Etsy, which is a great site for unique and handmade jewelry. Sometimes I just get bored with what I see at the counters at normal department stores and like to poke around Etsy instead. The vendors are so creative with their designs! I liked the bluish pearls and the three strands and thought it would look lovely with this dress.

And there we have an easy, comfortable outfit featuring horizontal stripes, front and center!