Business Casual Superstar: Dress to Impress for Under $100

by Rachel Yeomans | March 8th, 2012   

Most of the dresses I sift through as I prepare these posts – as well as the daily posts on my own blog, which I hope to resume soon – are uncomfortably short, at least for work. There’s nothing wrong with a dress for everyday wear that sits maybe two or three inches above the knee, but for work, the hem should hover very close to the knee.

So it was much to my relief that I found this cute, classy little dress at ModCloth. Normally, their dresses are priced out of my a-whole-outfit-for-under-$100 range, but I made it work, mostly because I thought the dress was just darling. It definitely works with the “dress to impress” theme!

huma rashid business casual superstar the working wardrobe 3 8 2011 Business Casual Superstar: Dress to Impress for Under $100

Family of Friends Dress ………. $47.99
Pointed Toe Pumps in Taupe ………. $22.80
Shawl Collar Sweater in Taupe ………. $11.80
Layered Necklace ………. $7.80


I wanted to keep this look kind of casual, and kind of funky. I adore lined cotton dresses, and have several of my own. The lining creates a nice swish when you walk (trust me on this) and adds some interest to the way the dress moves. Just be sure to have a can of Static Guard handy – use liberally, especially if you’re wearing this with tights or leggings. (I know, I hate the smell of that stuff, too, but you’ll be glad for it when the cotton doesn’t cling to you in a not-so-flattering manner. Another work-around is rubbing a Bounce sheet on top your legs; and there’s a rumor that hairspray helps. Haven’t tried it, but it’s good to know all options despite how odd they may sound.)

The great thing about this dress is that it is the perfect length for work, and it’s got cute little details like the woven belt and the shirring. I paired it with brown heels and a matching open front cardigan. If it’s warm out and your office is a little more permissive, ditch the sweater altogether. To add some funk and whimsy, I added a little costume jewelry in the form of a multi-strand pearl-ish necklace. It will add some movement and fun, and the long length is perfect for this outfit.

The best part is that the dress is quite versatile, so you can add it to your existing wardrobe, confident that you’ll be able to craft several amazing ensembles with it. Now that’s a way to dress to impress!