Business Casual Superstar: Bundling Up With A Wool Blazer

by HumaR | February 3rd, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

Chances are, wherever you are in the continental U.S., you are up to your eyeballs in snow. Except if you’re lucky enough to be far enough west or south – then you’re fine. But the rest of the country was pummeled by a massive storm system and here in Chicago, we had 18-foot waves in Lake Michigan and 14″ of snow, plus winds at 60mph.

We have named our storm #SnoprahWinfrey, along with #Snowpoccalypse and #Snowmageddon. It’s a Chicago thing.

Anyway, most of us were lucky enough to have Wednesday off, but unfortunately, most of us are trudging back into work today. This means bundling up in all the different layers we can find, plus gloves and hats and scarves, and big, warm boots to help us wade through this snow. And if you’re the sort that often wears suits or blazers to work, you know by now that this is the time of the year to whip out the wool blazers and lined pants, if you haven’t already.

So, in honor of Snoprah Winfrey, today’s outfit is low-maintenance, comfortable, and features a wool blazer.

huma rashid business casual superstar 44 Business Casual Superstar: Bundling Up With A Wool Blazer

Bootcut Jeans, Medium Wash ………. $15
Slub Polka Dot Top ………. $19.80
Vintage Wool Blazer in Brown ………. $48
Brown Flats ………. $15

Oof. This was hard to pull off because the blazer was pretty expensive – about half my budget! But I went with a pair of jeans (if you can wear those at work, great, if you can’t, perhaps substitute a pair of gray pants in there instead) and a polka dot top from Forever21. Wool blazers are pretty warm, and I always feel most comfortable when I’m wearing something light and short-sleeved under a jacket or sweater.

The blazer is pretty, isn’t it? It’s available in a couple different colors if brown isn’t your thing. I tossed in a pair of simple, comfortable brown flats for you to change into once you get to the office and take off your Uggs.

And there we have a comfortable but warm winter outfit!