Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Miss Puerto Rico’s Rainforest Look into the Office

by HumaR | September 23rd, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

You guys know that for the last two weeks I’ve been making over various Miss Universe contestants (congratulations, Miss Mexico, whoever you are, because I heard you won!) with a decidedly business casual twist. And since I had so much fun doing it, I figured I might as well make a month out of it.

That’s why I’m here this week to share Miss Puerto Rico‘s absolutely inspired rain forest costume. Seriously, check this number out.

miss puerto rico mariana paola vicente Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Miss Puerto Ricos Rainforest Look into the Office

I actually really like this. Check out that leafy dress with the massive skirt! It’s high on the drama and that’s the whole point. The big flowers on her shoulder are bright, bold, and add great splashes of color to her warm green dress, and they balance out the spectacular beaded rain effect on her other arm.

I’m just blown away by how creative this is, and how well it works in photographs. Well done, Miss Puerto Rico. I mean, it’s crazy and totally dramatic and outlandish but that’s the point, and this certainly caught my attention.

I wanted to take some of the great things going on here and turn them into an outfit you could easily wear to work, and this is what I came up with.

ww31 Business Casual Superstar: Bringing Miss Puerto Ricos Rainforest Look into the OfficeFloral Mixed Media Dress in Ditsy Green ………. $20
Studded Boyfriend Jacket ………. $29.70
Labee Pumps in Midnight Black ………. $33.74
Filigree Flowers Necklace ………. $13.48

Let’s discuss this a spell, shall we?

I picked this dress from Kohl’s at an absolute steal. It’s got a no-nonsense black top, but the skirt is ruffled and green and blue and white and grey and all sorts of fun. Sometimes, a girl just needs some fun ruffles and flounce, yes?

I paired it with this glitzy boyfriend jacket that offers what’s likely to be a very flattering cut. Rather than get too fancy, I went with black pumps from Aldo, and I selected this long, flowery and feathery necklace in a contrast color to channel those bold flowers on Miss Puerto Rico’s shoulder.

And there we have what I think is a pretty decent attempt at professionalizing this insane Miss Universe costume.