Business Casual Superstar: Brightening Up the Cardigan

by Rachel Yeomans | April 15th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I get bored with my cardigans. I should warn you, I have them in about every color. Red (with little white hearts; totally adorable). Magenta. Green. Blue. White. Black. Lilac. Oatmeal. Purple. Brown. Off-white. Pistachio. Melon. Other random foodstuff names. You know how it goes.

But sometimes I get bored with the basics (like the ones on the Roy G. Biv spectrum), and I want to wear one of my really bright cardigans – really bright and bold and eye-catching. So bright and instantly arresting that if Agnes Skinner were to see me walking down the street, she’d call her son Seymour and tell her that it hurt her eyes and he was to come home and tend to her immediately.

bartagnes2 Business Casual Superstar: Brightening Up the Cardigan

That’s totally something Agnes would do.

So today I put together a look with a really bright, boldly colored cardigan. Cardigans are great for the office because generally, office buildings are cold. Once the AC is switched on for the summer…brrr! And cardigans can be buttoned up if it’s freezing or left flapping open if it’s warm…or taken off, so long as you’re not wearing something sleeveless underneath. Sleeveless tops generally aren’t office-appropriate, unless you work in the most informal of places.

The best way to wear a really bright cardigan is to keep everything else understated; it helps the color really pop, much more than it would if you matched it to a patterned top.

ww14 Business Casual Superstar: Brightening Up the CardiganBlack Trousers ………. $15
Zipper Boot ………. $12.99
Dreamweight Ruffleneck Top in Silver Grey ………. $19.99
Trimmed Cardigan ………. $36.75
Filigree Hoop Earrings in Silver ………. $6.70

I picked a really bright turquoise cardigan with a zipper and trim. Isn’t that color eye-catching? It really is, and I actually like the trim. I generally like my cardigans simple and basic, but sometimes I like interesting accents. I paired the bright sweater with a pair of black boot-cut pants, and then I just really felt like adding a pair of tough, edgy, zippered black boots. They look so fun! And unexpected. But edgy details like zippers on the shoes there can add some toughness to an otherwise sweet, girly outfit; and if that’s your style, there are ways to carry that into the office without looking like you also carry brass knuckles in your purse for when you go to ask for a raise.

I threw in a ruffled tank from Express because the detailing is interesting, and the tank will be covered up by the cardigan anyway, so it’s all good.

There we are! A bright and slightly edgy look for the office that will keep you warm even with the AC blasting.

Renee Bouchard
Renee Bouchard

I completely agree about mixing edgy with girly or professional pieces. I love that little punch of personality. Great post. :)


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