Business Casual Superstar: Bow Blouses and Pencil Skirts

by HumaR | May 26th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

I must be on a real vintage kick lately, but I have to say, I have always loved pencil skirts. They’re so classic and feminine. And lately, what with my vintage kick, I’m really noticing pretty bow blouses. Not all bow blouses – they have to be just right. So my outfit for today combines these two pieces into what is a pretty, polished, and professional outfit that’s easily appropriate for work.

huma rashid business casual superstar may26 Business Casual Superstar: Bow Blouses and Pencil SkirtsWide Waistband Pencil Skirt ………. $29.99
Delicate Bow Tee ………. $9.99
UO Suede Pumps in Beige ………. $48

The description of the shoe on the Urban Outfitters site lists its color as “nude.” I don’t agree with this color description. Nude is not a color. Nude is a state of undress – specifically, total undress. A white woman’s color when she is nude is a completely different color than mine when I’m nude.

So I am referring to the shoes as their proper color – a color that is, surprise, actually a color - and calling them beige.

I picked this gorgeous skirt from the Limited, where it seems as though they always have a fabulous sale going on. They have tons of pencil skirts and great, nicely tailored trousers and tons of basics for work, so if you ever want to revamp your work wardrobe, they’re a great place to go.

I also found this great bow blouse from the same store. First, look at that color. Gorgeous! Such a pretty green! And the bow works out just fine: not too big, not too dominant, with pretty, breezy little ruffly ends. It’s a very feminine look, somewhat pulled down a notch with the brown skirt and neutral pumps, which I chose because they’ve kind of got a round toe and that works great with skirts because the round toe emphasizes the curves of your calf.

An easy, comfortable, but still polished look that will help you stand out – and not in a bad way! – at the office.