Business Casual Superstar: Adding Plaid to Your Office Wardrobe!

by HumaR | July 22nd, 2010   
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By Huma Rashid

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been experimenting with adding certain things to the work wardrobe that we might not add otherwise – things like sequins and shorts. This week, I’m continuing this trend by showing you a great way to introduce more plaid into your work wardrobe.

Plaid was really big last fall and is still around, solidly in place, and chances are, you’ve probably already worn plaid to work. But you probably felt a little guilty doing it, like you were suddenly opting for far too casual a look…or because you looked like a lumberjack.

There are plenty of ways to wear plaid to work guilt-free, and here’s an example:

sommbo Business Casual Superstar: Adding Plaid to Your Office Wardrobe!

Charcoal Wash Skinny Jeans ………. $15
Gauzy Smocked Top in Black ………. $24.50
Boyfriend Cardigan in Turquoise Sea ………. $23.99
Buckled Ankle Boot in Cognac ………. $21.80

I picked this gauzy plaid top just because it caught my eye and I really liked it, but rest assured that a normal plaid shirt with a collar and little pockets and everything is just fine, too. I paired it with these black skinny jeans. Since this is a gauzy smocked top deal, you don’t need to tuck it in because that would look ridiculous. If this were a normal plaid shirt, all lumber-jack-style, I’d definitely tuck it in.

I added this turquoise cardigan for some color, plus I like the length. It’ll look longer with the tucked in shirt, and will make you look leaner. Plus, it’s a nice feminine touch.

For the shoes, I went with rich, warm brown booties that you’d obviously tuck the skinny jeans into. I own boots a lot like these but in black, and they’re absolutely adorable. And the best part? I can dress them up for an evening out or dress them down so I can wear them with jeans and not look fancy.

I was, sadly, unable to find a bag to include in this ensemble, but I’d go with a black leather satchel with silver hardware. It would look absolutely adorable. (Because, remember, you don’t always have to match your bag with your shoes. After all, this isn’t your mother’s working wardrobe!)


Lorrill we are so ever so sorry for putting you in the spot of having to buy not one but TWO cardigans. We will try to never steer you in that direction again.

And you are very welcome! :)


FINE! I checked out that Lands End cardie and it too long but they have the Heritage one that is shorter for us vertically challenged types AND they are on sale AND in colors that work for my wardrobe so I had to buy 2.

And its all your fault!

:-) Thanks for the tip.


@theworkwardrobe Shoes or a handbag. Depending on the office maybe blouse. Very casual tho


@KarenCHughes Love it! I'm pondering a skinny plaid belt over a polka-dot skirt & tucked in solid blouse. Thoughts?