Business Casual Superstar: A Totally Romantic Skirt

by HumaR | December 8th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

Generally, I am of the opinion that when it comes to what you wear to work, “romantic” should not be one of the words used to describe your outfit. “Pretty,” yes. “Delicate,” sure. “Feminine,” no reason why not. But “romantic?” Yeah, um, no.

However, I totally have to make an exception for the gorgeous skirt that I built this ensemble around. I’m majorly coveting it, and I had to share it with all of you. To be fair, there’s nothing racy about this skirt or this outfit. It’s a knee-length skirt, totally opaque, no cut-outs, none of that nonsense. It’s just that it’s trimmed with lace, and that’s a very feminine fabric, and the effect is just lovely, so as soon as I saw it, the first word that flashed in my head was “romantic.”

Also, it didn’t help that ModCloth‘s item description totally banked on that image as well. They even directly refer to romance novels! Oh, we’re hopeless.

Take a look at this utterly feminine outfit and tell me what you think.

huma rashid business casual superstar the working wardrobe 12 8 Business Casual Superstar: A Totally Romantic Skirt

Love in Literature Skirt ………. $42.99
Solid Essential Tee in Purple ……… $11.99
Pleaser Vanity Women’s Pumps in Black Patent ………. $31.45
Bold Champagne & Black Necklace ………. $16.06

There! Isn’t that a fabulous skirt? So whimsical and pretty, and what a great color. I adore that rust color. That kind of dark pumpkin-y orange goes well with purple, but I confess that I just didn’t want to use a neutral color, or go all matchy-matchy with white. I like the way the purple and orange work together. Ideally I might have chosen a pretty deep or royal purple sweater with 3/4 sleeves, but with my budget, my options were slightly limited, and a comfy tee works just as well. Besides, the skirt is fancy enough: the top doesn’t need to compete.

I know brown would have worked well, but I felt like going for black with the shoes and a matching necklace. Patent just seemed like a fun choice – more fun that matte – and I wanted a black and white necklace to tie in the white lace on the skirt, and to stand out a bit from the purple shirt.

There we have a gorgeous ensemble built around that lovely, lovely skirt. And all for under $100!