Business Casual Superstar: A Cozy Sweater Dress and Comfy Brogues

by HumaR | January 27th, 2011   

By Huma Rashid

I’m not sure where all of you are located, but chances are, you’re cold. Wherever you are, you’re cold. Even parts of the country that normally don’t get snow have been blanketed with a couple inches of the white fluff, and the gusts of wind and frigid temps that accompany Frosty the Snowman’s DNA are just miserable.

When I pull an outfit together for a blustery winter day, I’m thinking of two things: warmth and comfort. I walk a little more than a mile every day from the train station to my law school, and Chicago is just awful in the winter. Our wind chill often means we deal with temperatures that are effectively in the negatives, and it’s horrendous unless you’re all bundled up.

So for winter, I like layers, but if I can’t manage that, I like sweaters. I’ll usually pull on leggings under my jeans, a thermal tank under my sweater, or a tee under a hoodie (if I’m going super casual for class, which is rare), and then I knot my merino scarf around my neck, pull on this coat my uncle got me from his last expedition to Russia that I’m kind of worried might be real fur (there are no labels on it anywhere! Russia, am I right? With its aversion to labels), and then I grab my wrap-around earmuffs or my Fair Isles hat, and my mittens and I am good to go. Sure I look like a little waddling marshmallow, but I’m okay with that, because I’m warm.

I also think of comfort. Like I said, I walk a lot: sometimes through snow, mincing over ice, or over streets just covered in salt. I need flats or shearling boots that I can change out of once I get there into, you guessed it, comfortable but cute flats. There is absolutely no reason to risk breaking your neck by walking on slippery streets with heels. And besides, ladies, nothing says ‘high maintenance’ like wearing four inch heels when there are as many inches of snow on the ground. Skip it.

That’s why today’s outfit is one of my ideal, go-to outfits for a miserable winter’s day.

huma rashid business casual superstar1 Business Casual Superstar: A Cozy Sweater Dress and Comfy Brogues

Short Sleeve Marled Sweater Dress ………. $17.24
Solid Black Tights ………. $10.50
Women’s Oxford Shoes in Black ………. $24.98
Dark Romance Bracelet ………. $25

Simple enough, right? I picked this cozy, fuzzy looking sweater dress from Macy’s. That’s what I love about Macy’s: they have fabulous sales pretty much all the time, and you can always find some great section in the normal clearance section of the site. This sweater dress looks like any number of the sweater dresses I already own (Chicago girl, remember?), so it was an easy pick.

I kind of wanted to go with brogues for this outfit, which are very similar to oxfords, and finally settled on this pair of black patent oxfords from Aldo. I know some people gripe about Aldo, but I go by my own experience, and I have several shoes from there, and they’ve stood up quite well and I have no complaints. I love patent leather shoes, as my long-time readers will recall from when I first started writing for the Working Wardrobe about a year ago (almost exactly!).

The dress is a little short, so you’ll need tights if you’re wearing it to the office. I threw in a silver bracelet that I thought was pretty and we’re done! There we have a pretty, warm, and comfortable outfit to get us through these chilly winter days.