Business Casual Superstar: A Classic, Sophisticated Workplace Ensemble!

by HumaR | November 11th, 2010   

By Huma Rashid

I don’t have any fancy gimmick this week – my newest outfit isn’t based on the hottest new trend, and it wasn’t inspired by some hot young starlet, and it’s not a budget-replication of the hottest thing off a runway – but it’s a polished, classy, but still bold outfit for work. And really, as professional women, what more could we ask for, right?! Right?

…I’ll try to be back with a gimmick next week. icon razz Business Casual Superstar: A Classic, Sophisticated Workplace Ensemble!

But for now, I absolutely love this outfit. I would totally wear it. It’s sleek and feminine and that shade of crimson is one of my favorite colors ever. Let’s have a look!

ww35 Business Casual Superstar: A Classic, Sophisticated Workplace Ensemble!

Preston & York Skirt ………. $35.40
Taped Cuff Shirt in Gosford Pink ………. $24.99
Rampage Pumps in Black ………. $29.95
Bow Rhinestone Earrings ………. $4.80

See what I mean?

Am I nuts to love this outfit as much as I do? Sound off in the comments – feel free to tell me it’s totally lackluster and I’ve just got my rose-colored glasses on!

I originally wanted a herringbone skirt. I love herringbone. But I saw this skirt – when I saw it I was certain it was from White House | Black Market, but it can be found at Dillard’s – and just loved the pattern. It’s not too busy and not too small.

I paired it with a dark red shirt and found a pair of great leather pumps (I wanted something shinier, in patent, maybe with a cute buckle or something, but that was out of my price range), to pull it all together, and then, just to add some fun and sparkle, I found kind of dangly silver earrings at Forever21.

I think it works really, really well together; and the red adds warmth, color, and femininity while the rest of the outfit is undeniably polished, sleek, and consummately professional. Plus, you can’t beat that price!

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